The Loaf

I’ve heard so much about this bakery, whilst everyone was “da bao”-ing Krispy Kremes, I was determined to lug as much as I can for the family back home in Singapore. Anyways what makes this bakery special is that all the bread and pastries are baked on site. The top floor of the bakery was where we had breakfast, we tried out “hearty & healthy” & “farmhouse”. The hearty & healthy came with sausages, eggs in anyway you like(I picked poached), hash brown, salad & a huge plate of freshly baked bread. I am in love with their confiture, especially their Pineapple & Lavender jam. It doesn’t taste like the filling for pineapple tarts, it has a hint of cinnamon and lavender. Slather some butter and jam on the toast, heavenly! The “hearty & healthy” set comes with a pot of tea and orange juice. To end our brekky, we shared a tiramisu, not boozy since it is a halal establishment. The Loaf can only be found in Langkawi and The Pavillion in Kuala Lumpur.


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