The Chicken Rice Shop

I like chicken rice, I can eat chicken rice everyday if I could. The Chicken Rice Shop is a Malaysian franchise, located at the basement of Vivocity, right beside Kopitiam and Banquet, offers a wide selection of chicken rice and dishes. My family loves the way they make their steamed chicken,  very simply done and yet really satisfying with garlic chilli sauce and dark soy sauce. A dish fit for a king, I’d say. I’d suggest if you haven’t been to this restaurant before, to try the set meals, that way you can give other side dishes a try as well. My favourite side dishes are the steamed tofu, kuih pie tee, and the braised tofu and egg. Yes, you can find these elsewhere, but I like how they make them here. And most importantly, it’s halal! I would recommend the roast chicken if you’re not to fond of steamed, although they do have braised as well as honey bbq chicken.

Steamed Chicken

Steamed Tofu

Roast Chicken


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