Korean Kimchi Hotpot

[This restaurant has moved to Harbourfront] After a weekend of eating & shopping in KL, I was ready to go home. My flight reached Singapore by 745pm, a 15 minutes delay. Called my folks & they said to meet @ Terminal 2, so I dragged all my bags from Terminal 1 and took the skytrain. I guess it was worth it because we had Korean hot pot @ Seoul Garden Hot Pot. They had smoked duck on the menu!!!! I was so psyched!!! The kimchi broth & all the mushrooms & vegetables was wonderful. I took sirloin slices and swirled it in the hot pot, dipped it in the green sauce, to die for!!!! The smoked duck was so tender and had such a smoky taste, muy delicioso! I wanted more! But everything in moderation 🙂 we also tried the seafood pancake, there was a nice dipping sauce, chilli oil and something like a shrimp mixture kinda like ikan bilis sambal tumis. It was so good! There were also different types of kimchi, mushrooms, white radish & cucumber kimchi. I love the variety!


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