Go to place for halal chinese food in the east

Chicken LiverChilli CrabsKampong Chai Chee Restaurant at 303 Changi Rd, serves up a wide variety Halal Chinese fare at affordable prices. My favourite dishes from here are their Chilli Crabs, Chicken Livers and Deep fried baby squid. YUMMY! Their chillli crab sauce is piquant and has a lot of black bean paste,  on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s about a 7. Especially nice when dipped with a deep fried bun. I’d have prefer mantous though. One of my favourite places to have chicken livers, they really do them well here, slices of liver coated in oyster and soy sauce with sprinklings of chillies. Their deep fried baby squids are crispy, I haven’t been able to eat them in a long time because of my braces, now they’re finally off so I can enjoy their crispy goodness. If you’re looking for a place to hang out for supper, Kampong Chai Chee is a good place to go if you’re living in the eastern part of Singapore.

Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant

303 Changi Rd


3 thoughts on “Go to place for halal chinese food in the east

  1. Sharifah says:

    Hi there. This is good info. The chilli crab looks wonderful!

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