F.I.S.H is a halal establishment by  Fish & Co.  located at 313 Somerset, there’s also a branch at Tampines 1. What I love about F.I.S.H, is their salad bar, look for Doris, she makes the most delicious salads.  There’s a wide variety offered, from papaya salad, antipasto salad with artichoke hearts, seafood salad ooh the list goes on and on. Their Mediteranean fried fish is huge, if you’re looking for an alternative to the regular fish and chips, it comes with the most delicious baby potatoes instead of fries. Another family favourite of ours is the the Fish Chowder, very creamy and satisfying. We recently tried their peri-peri calamari, I love their dipping sauce, which was kind of like a cross between a sambal and a relish, delish! Excellent service, excellent fresh food and all round great place to go for dinner or even lunch.

F.I.S.H is located at:

313Somerset Rd #B3-37/38 313@Somerset

Tel: +65 6634 0478

Peri-peri CalamariFish ChowderFried Mediterranean Fish


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