It’s already June

Almost half the year has gone. How fast time really flies. In this first half of the year, we found a few new Halal places to dine. The best find of the year has to be “Uncle Tony’s” in Serangoon. Although it’s location was quite a distance from the city, the journey there is worth it. I can wax lyrically about the steak or the lambchops. But what made me an instant fan were their uber fluffy waffles. For so long, I’ve been looking for the perfect waffles since A&W left Singapore. I’ve found them at “Uncle Tony’s”. I also love their side veges that accompany the steaks, most especially their roasted sweet potatoes. Simply divine! A nice balance of sweet, salty and a bite of pepper from their Black Pepper steaks. Priced are kept low, that you can’t help but want to try everything on the menu…well almost all ;P Will update later with exact details of the location and yummy pictures of the food we tried. For now it’s time to sleep! Adieu!


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