Dinner at Fresh Bulgogi

What can be better other then hanging out with your family on a Friday night at Terminal 2? Korean BBQ Short Beef Ribs! I love ribs, and most especially beef ribs. Mom usually uses beef ribs to make Rawon, a kind of a dark stew that uses buah keluak a black and bitter nut in which we only use the flesh of the nut, while with mutton ribs she makes dalcha with lots of brinjal and ladysfingers. So that’s why when we eat out, I make it a point to order ribs cooked in a different manner, like at Breeks with a sweet and tangy barbeque sauce or at JWOK with a  thick sweet glaze. At Fresh Bulgogi all meat are served to you raw. They provide a set of 3 sauces, I think one’s garlic, the other is probably green chilli and corriander and gojuchang sauce which is a thick red and sweet bean paste. You can either dip the ribs into the sauce and lay it on the griddle and hear the sweet sounds of meat sizzling. Or you could just be like me, just pure meat, unadulterated beefy goodness 🙂 I like my meat cooked till medium, when you bite into them, it just melts like butter. Hmmm ribs  can’t wait to have some soon :)23092009153


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