Duck Rice

Duck Rice

Duck Rice

The duck rice at Enak Rasa Thai Seafood Restaurant is pretty popular, so much so, that by 9 pm, they usually run out of it. Too bad for me that I usually end up there 10 mins past 9pm. But one lucky evening, I got there about 8:50pm, closed the shop earlier coz I was determined to try this dish that my dad and brother were raving about. It was worth it. The duck wasn’t gamey at all but oh so juicy. The best part of the dish, was not just the duck but the sambal that accompanied it. It was made with dried shrimps I think, when mixed with the duck and white rice makes a killer combo. Quite yummy 🙂 But then the duck here cannot be compared to the crispy roasted pipa ducks from Razack’s. My tummy rumbles just thinking about it. Didn’t manage to take a picture the last time we went there, just trust me on this it was really really really good. It didn’t even need a dipping sauce, just perfect on its own. Only thing though, you have to pre-order it, so give them a call first before heading down.

Enak Rasa Thai Seafood Restaurant is located at:
Blk 136, Bedok Reservoir Rd,#01-1429

Razacks Kitchen: Halal Hong Kong Noodle and Rice is located at:
324F Changi Road
Nearest MRT station: Eunos
Tel:96916982 / 94762278
Opens 11.30am – 10.30pm, Off on Tuesdays

Update: 6/8/10 Enak Rasa doesn’t serve duck rice anymore 😦


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