Bistro Delifrance at Ngee Ann City

n680443464_2285001_5605217One evening, Steph and I ended up at Ngee Ann City. I think we were there to check out Sephora. I’ve been to the Sephora in Las Vegas, Santa Monica and San Diego where the service was top notch and I was so happy to try before I buy. Didn’t get the same feeling here, so I didn’t spend a cent at all. Left the store feeling like it was a total letdown. The only way to perk my spirits up was duck! I like duck, don’t usually eat it, but if I see it on a menu, I’d definitely order it. It’s really rare to find halal duck dishes in restaurants, usually we’d be able to find only roast duck rice at halal family eateries around Singapore.

So I dragged Steph to Bistro Delifrance because I wanted to try out their duck offerings 🙂 I wasn’t disappointed, I ordered duck mango salad and duck confit,which they don’t serve anymore 😦 . Steph ordered a mug of french onion soup and seafood baked rice. I LOVE the duck salad! The smoked duck breast was perfectly paired with a honey vinaigrette and chunks of juicy mango. The salad made my evening slightly better afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Bistro Delifrance at Ngee Ann City

  1. Sharifah says:

    Hi there. The duck salad sounds delicious. BTW, where can I find halal duck rice
    in Singapore? Would definitely like to try it on my next trip home.

    • salsachica says:

      Hi Sharifah, the salad is quite yummy, you should also check out Earle of Swensen’s Poultry Combo with their smoked duck, simply awesome 🙂 You can check out Enak Rasa Thai Seafood located at Bedok Reservoir for halal roast duck rice. But the best I would say would be the roasted pipa ducks from Razacks at Changi Rd, you definitely should give this a try. You can check out the post on Duck Rice for their details. 🙂

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