Birthday Lunch at the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Birthday Lunch

Birthday Lunch

I first came to this tea salon, about four months back.  My best friend Eva gave me a box of Earl Grey from TWG a while back. I had read about TWG some time back, and upon realising that it was just across my gym, I decided to check it out. I wanted to purchase their yummy macaroons that I read about in newspapers. I ended up buying about a dozen or so macaroons after my boxing session, I know what a waste of calories right, but it was worth it. I also ended up buying my all time favourite tea, Earl Grey. Hahaha 😀 but there were so many to choose from, I finally settled on the French Earl Grey, hints of bergamot and vanilla, perfect combination, most suited to drink sans sugar to fully appreciate the flavours.

Anyways, I got hooked on the tea and macarons and decided that I’d be celebrating my birthday there with my buddy Joyce. We came too early for afternoon tea so we took a while to decide on what to indulge in. We tried this really yummy crab sandwich which used brioche. It was so good and buttery. We also tried their tomato soup, quite lovely and comforting. We ordered a pot of Amour de Thé which was a sweetly scented rose tea. We also ordered scones that were warm and delicious especially when dolloped with cream and jam. Heavenly 🙂 Of course we ordered a sampling of macarons and a tart which I can’t seem to recall what it’s called, was it Singapore Surprise hmm it was a while back. Anyway’s the tart had a similar feel to a typical creme brulee but had a tart and sweet filling in the middle. What I like best about TWG would be their extensive tea collection and their honest to goodness yummy scones!

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is located at:
9 Raffles Place, #01-02 Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619


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