Another Ramadhan

Geylang during Ramadhan

Geylang during Ramadhan

It’s been almost a year since my last post. It seems this year I haven’t been eating out much at all. So other then forgetting my password and not going much, I haven’t had the inspiration to blog about anything. This year’s Ramadhan, the bazaar at Geylang seemed to be too overcrowded more so than last year. Usually, I’d be craving for all sorts of snacks and tidbits but somehow this fasting month, I don’t want to eat much of anything. Perhaps because I’ve been sick and all the meds are killing my tastebuds. Instead of thinking of food ever so often, I’ve been reading the Yassin. This will be the first Eid without my Grandfather, I wonder how it’s going to be. Ramadhan without him is already very sad. Anyways, the celebratory feeling of Eid festivities is lost for me, it just makes me morose then usual.


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