Satay at Jalan Masjid

Satay on a diet?

Satay on a diet?

Tonight, mummy had a craving for rojak, went around Haig Road and it was sold out. Then daddy recommended Noor Jannah at Jalan Masjid, and yes, it was sold out as well.  Go figure, why was everyone’s rojak sold out? So adik called me on the mobile and asked if I wanted satay, what a question to ask. I love my meat, especially marinated, skewered and barbecued on a charcoal grill. Some people say size isn’t everything, I guess the chicken meat and the mutton shrank a tad on the grill and charred at the end. Well it shrank more then a tad. Anyways, the satay wasn’t too bad, I’d have prefered it to be left marinated longer, there seemed to be missing something. Also it didn’t come with the sauce, my gauge of yumminess depends on the peanut sauce of the satay and whether it complements the meat well. Hmm didn’t get it, won’t know it, but would probably give it another go. Diagonnally across the street right beside Shell station there’s Al-Amin, je suis desole mais je ne veux pas manger ici, mais the satay by Hadi there is damn shiok. The pieces of meat on the stick are thick, well cooked and not charred, also the satay sauce there complements the meat really well, sweet and peanutty and thick. Hadi also has really good Otah…hmmm I can just imagine it now. sigh…  Or the thick chicken satay from Ayam Bakar Ojolali which are smothered in kicap manis  and dipped in yummy peanut sauce mmmmmmmmm hmm not surprisingly I’m hungry again. 😛


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