Lessons I finally learned…

Numero uno, dancing makes the world a better place. Singing out loud when you’re in a bad mood can make you feel happier. Chocolate especially bitter chocolate tarts from the chocolate bar may decrease your depression level. You may have given your heart and your all to that special someone, but when he finds someone else, you cannot stop believing that you are not worthy of anyone’s love. Crappy stuff happens, it just happens to you with every single guy you fall in love with. Wasting your time thinking what went wrong would only bring about more pain, tears and increased usage of painkillers and sleeping pills. You are slowly running out of ’em. You are already very sick and you probably don’t have that much time on earth. You have a physically broken heart, thus it is not worth it to make it more emotionally broken. You click on myspace/facebook and see a reminder of what you do not have, so visit this site and others that displays the picture of the one you love and broke your heart less regularly and read the Quran instead. Life is too short and too precious to waste dwelling on sad and painful memories. Tis better to use one’s brain cells to learn new languages instead or read thick books. Your real friends are the ones that know when you’re down and depressed and give you advice that you attempt to heed. Mangas are a good outlet to relieve stress. Call someone you trust to talk to when you feel like life should just end with a bottle of painkillers. Else keep silent, sometimes your only solace is your own solitude and through it perhaps you might find some respite. Hug your friends for you never know when will you see them again. Distancing oneself from other people, just makes one feel lonelier and more depressed, although it aids in not making others feel the same way as well. Keeping silent about ones problems just eats oneself inside. A cupcake without frosting is not a cupcake, it’ll just be a cake. Make sensational baked goods with conviction and passion, and others will enjoy it, and business would hopefully increase. A low-cut top actually has a direct correlation to the daily sales 😛 Spend a little more on shoes, your feet will love you. Splurge on chocolates for your family, not only they feel good, you’ll feel good too. Korean dramas are predictable, but they are so damn good and twisted to watch and while away your time when there’s nothing to do. To learn Mandarin, is much more harder then to learn Turkish and Arabic. When travelling, dress comfortably for long flights. Spend less in Singapore, splurge in America 🙂 Lastly, love your friends and love your family, for they are the ones that love and trust you.


4 thoughts on “Lessons I finally learned…

  1. I am a personal health consultant. I specialize in stress management and relaxation techniques. YOU HAVE REALLY PUT SOME VERY IMPORTANT THINGS ON THIS POST TO SHARE! Thank you. Often times I even have forgotten a couple of the things you mentioned. 🙂 Happiness is a choice, isn’t it? Have a beautiful day!

  2. salsachica says:

    Happiness is a choice, and sometimes the choices we make don’t make us happy. Thus one should try and make better choices in life 😛 Have a great day to you too!

  3. karinajones says:

    Personal experience taught me Mandarin is so much more easier to pick up than Arabic. I had to learn Arabic when i was younger. The only things I could remember off it now is how to say ‘stomach’ and ‘mouth’ and number 1-10. Haha! Conversely, I have a love for the Asian language and find Mandarin to be much more of a romantic language then French. Funny sometimes how I can sing along to Mandarin songs (Jay Chou!) and having very little idea what in the world I am singing along to. Unlike Arabic though, I can get by with my Mandarin enough to let people know that “i’m sorry, I don’t speak Mandarin. English instead?” and to ask my sometimes-Mandarin speaking friends if they would want to join me for tea.

    As for the broken heart, time heals all wound (I used to think that saying was complete BS until I finally moved on, dated someone else and became friends with the one that broke my heart). At the end of the day, I’ve pretty much accepted everything in this world is temporary and being comfortable with this is one of the key towards happiness 🙂

  4. salsachica says:

    The thing about learning Mandarin properly is when you’re learning, and you have to remember the different sounds, some characters make, and by pronouncing a certain way, the word takes on a different meaning. I think my brain is overloaded with chinese characters. I agree with you Kay, that Mandarin is much more romantic then French, I LIKE JAY CHOU too! True everything in this world is temporal, just have to experience the now, forget the yesterdays and live on for the future.

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