I’m free!

Well from my lower braces finally after 9 years. My dentist unmolded the lower braces yesterday and I wasn’t even expecting it. Of course I still have to wear retainers but after nine years, my guess that cannot even be compared to the pain I went through for 9 years.  Can you imagine that? Having not able to bite into an apple that long! I still wear braces for my upper teeth and that supposedly should be removed by the end of Ramadan, could this be true. I’d have an Eid without the dang BRACES! Certainly removing the braces does come with its minus points like I don’t look that young anymore, but hey who cares 😛

Yet now my lower teeth are being retained by a retainer. I feel like a boxer with a mouthguard sheesh. And the fact that I gnash my teeth at night leaves me worried about wearing the retainer to sleep for fear of cracking it. Sigh… How? What the heck should I do?


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