Missing Muffins

I can make muffins, but what’s the use of  going through all that trouble when you’re just making one flavoured batch of muffins just for yourself. For the past few months, whenever I pass by Mrs Field’s I noticed that they didn’t have any muffins. So when I passed by there on Friday on my way to buying yoghurt from Yoguru , which was just right beside Mrs Field’s I smelled a familliar scent of freshly baked muffins. After purchasing my large tub of froyo with peaches and granola for lunch, mummy purchased 6 muffins, cheese,  2 macadamia white chocolates, double chocolate, chocolate chip and cranberry muffin for tea. I ended up with just one in the end, the macadamia white chocolate muffin which was yummy especially with a cup of warm Twinnings Apple Green Tea . Tea is an utmost important component of my day, I get my cravings for something sweet satisfied then 😛

Half a dozen muffins

Half a dozen muffins


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