Pandan and Chocolate Chiffon Cake

At Little Jerry’s finally I got to purchase some pandan and chocolate chiffon cake, for the past few times I went there it was forever sold out. I bought six slices for tea. The slice was dual coloured/flavoured. In the inner part of the slice it was flavoured with chocolate whilst the outer part was pandan flavoured. The cake was light and airy just what a chiffon cake supposed to be like. Pandan cakes remind me of afternoon tea with my late grandmother when I was child. At 4pm, mummy would usually prepare some teatime treats, it maybe apple pie, banana fritters, pandan cake or marble cake. I miss those times, so when I bit into a slice of the cake, it reminded me of the memories I had with my grandmother as we watched Mexican telenovelas on Indonesian tv channels 🙂

Pandan chocolate chiffon

Pandan chocolate chiffon

Adik enjoying a slice

Adik enjoying a slice


2 thoughts on “Pandan and Chocolate Chiffon Cake

  1. Sandy says:

    yes, i’ve tried the chiffon cake, the green tea and lemon chiffon cake is great too. I just love the idea of two flavors.

  2. salsachica says:

    I know 2 in 1 pandan cakes is simply a great idea. Hmm next time I’ll try the green tea and lemon thanks for the suggestion. When I went by Little Jerry’s that day, they were also selling pandan and black sesame, sounds interesting as a combination. Wonder when will be the next time I’ll go to Novena again….

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