The Royal’s Cafe

 I haven’t made pie in a long while. I used to make pecan pies, cherry pies and apple pies whilst in college. Watching Pushing Daisies has been making me crave for pie! As usual if I had a craving I must have it! So after sending Adik off to school for his Marketing Management exam, we drove back to the east side to buy pies. I haven’t been to The Royal’s cafe in a long time well since Ariff started uni, the place has changed alot, they serve breakfast there now and I guess a whole lot more on the menu to dine in. I was looking forward to the larger sized pies, but they hadn’t arrive that Sunday morning. Instead, we purchased 6 mini Chicken Mushroom pies, 6 mini black pepper chicken pies and 6 mini bbq chicken pies. I used to love the chicken mushroom pies, but now I believe I’m more partial to the bbq ones instead. Royal pies remind me of my late greatgrandmother, I was supposed to pick up a pie on the day she passed away. Instead I collected it on the day she was buried instead to share with the family, that was 23rd October 2005. We also bought a bar of blackforest cake which I shared with daddy. Really good, the cherries were plentiful and the cream so good with the chocolate. The sponge wasn’t dry, but instead moist and delightful. Daddy and I were pretty happy after finishing the cake 🙂 The pies were warm and yummy and full of ingredients whilst the crust was flaky. I guess next time I should call ahead and reserve the larger pies.

Pies glorious pies

Pies glorious pies

Black forest cake

Black forest cake


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