It’s raining durians and a whole host of other fruits

My late grandmother planted a durian tree sapling which she received from one of our customers from Bangkok almost 13 years ago. She passed away 7 years ago on 22nd August 2001 at 1156 pm, and only now did the durian tree bear fruit. There are 8 durians altogether, not your typical D24 durians that are round, these were elongated and had golden colored prickly skin with pale yellow, thick, creamy and sweet flesh with seriously tiny seeds. The flesh of the durian was so creamy and fragrant, that it reminded me and my brother of the Durian Fudge Cake from Savory Fare along East Coast Road. Adik doesn’t eat durians in whatever shape of form, if he smells them, he’ll puke and fall sick with a high fever. Anyways, the first golden goodness fell to the ground on 08/08/08, to the Chinese that’s a pretty auspicious date because the number 8 sounds like prosperity. We gave the first durian to my grandparents, and drove straight there at 8am in the morning. They were delighted with the durian. On Sunday night, the 2nd durian fell to the ground. And tonight, one more durian fell and rolled over to the pineappple patch. The bananas at the back of the house are still green, we’ll wait till its yellow before cutting the whole thing down. My garden sounds like a farm ain’t it? For the past few weeks daddy plucked bright red rambutans from our trees, and last Friday he picked huge avocados which were bright green and I can’t wait till they ripen so that I could make Avocado Chocolate Milk juice mmmmmm . Tonight after dinner, Daddy took a knife and pried open the durian, it was so fragrant. Nothing beats a durian from your own garden, it tasted so different and so deliciously luscious and smooth compared to other durians I’ve eaten. In the words of my mummy, “Sedap!”.


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