Cottage Waffle Place

After looking for my cousin Nabil’s  birthday present, a Ben 10 voice changer 2 which was sold out all over but ToysRus. Called them this morning to reserve the toy and picked it up, exhausted and in need of a refreshment. I saw this little cafe located at Suntec City’s MYPLAYGround, the smell of freshly made waffles were enticing. I plonked my stuff beside me, and sat on this little rickety stool. My suggestion to this place is that the fixtures need to be changed, a more stable chair perhaps and a proper knife instead of a butter knife?  Service was prompt and the staff were on hand when one needed them. I ordered an Affogato, despite it being a single shot, it was still quite strong. I guess that’s probably due to  the fact that I hadn’t had any caffeine since Menottis closed.  I ordered waffles with Almond ice cream. The waffles were a tad crispy, I’d prefer it to be on the softer/fluffier side, like the ones from Gelare’s or the liege waffles from The Sweet Stone Paradise.  I have been making waffles myself for the past few years, and their waffles were somewhat similar to mine sans the almost breaking my braces effect.  I’ll come back again to check out their fondue which looked rather interesting. Their affogato was good but strong, but it’s certainly something that’ll draw me back there.


Cottage Waffle Place is located at:
#03-025G Suntec City MYPLAYGround


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