Arnold’s Crispy Fried Chicken

Deep fried buns

Deep fried buns

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

On Monday, we went out and got some takeaways, namely a visit back to our yesteryears, Arnold’s Fried Chicken. Had to wait for 15 minutes for the chicken were still being friend. The last time we patronised Arnold’s was when I was about 14, hmm that’s 14 years ago. I guess the fact that parking is a hassle at City Plaza that it became too inconvenient to go there. The chicken was as juicy and crispy as I remembered it, and the buns the perfect partner for their tasty mashed potatoes. Their coleslaw was much better then the ones from KFC and I actually enjoyed eating them. The only chicken that can be compared to Arnold’s has to be the original fried chicken from KFC at Big Splash. Might come back again soon for their whole spring chicken, it has been too long to be separated from such sinful delights.
Arnold’s is located at:
#02-99/101 City Plaza

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