Supper at Sufi

After going back to my secondary school for its homecoming celebrations and meeting and greeting all my old retired teachers, I was darn hungry at the end of it. I called Adik after the celebrations and he told me to take a cab to Arab Street to Sufi a new Turkish restaurant. They had already ordered and eaten by the time I arrived there from Tampines at 10pm. They had tried the Tarisik Kebabs, Chicken and Lamb Pide, Meze and Apple Tea. The apple tea brought me back to the days I spent in Istanbul. Being famished especially after hearing what they had eaten for dinner, I ordered a meze platter of dips of my favourite baba ganoush, hummus etc. I also ordered Tarisik kebabs a platter of mix grills which was so much better then the ones I had the night before at Al-Tarrzaq. The beef tenderloins were grilled to perfection and scrumptious with every bite. The chicken pieces were moist and juicy and lamb sausage was yummy! I also ordered the Borek as an entree, crispy filo rolls filled with feta cheese, much more tastier then Alaturka’s. For dessert, I ordered a Kunefe, a dessert that was made from something that looks like vermicelli, perhaps its shredded filo, doused with butter, honey and sugar and baked in a circular form, with sprinklings of crushed pistachios. This wasn’t too sweet at all, shared this with the family. I ordered the ice mint tea, definitely something that I must go back and have this refreshing drink again. It doesn’t taste like the mint tea you get from a tea bag, maybe it has something to do with the good amount of mint leaves in the glass that made it taste so good. Definitely will be back to try the rest of the menu, according to mummy, the pide was so much better then the Kebab Station’s at East Coast Park. Can’t wait to try it all the dishes and I’m wondering if they have moussaka? 2 days straight of Arab Street food, time to find a new makan place next week 🙂 Excellent service and really nice ambience. I especially love the blue tiles so pretty that they remind me of the Hagia Sophia.

Sufi is located at:
43 Arab Street


2 thoughts on “Supper at Sufi

  1. Anita says:

    Yes,,Sufi is definitely a place to go if you want a good Turkish restaurant.

    • salsachica says:

      sofra does it’s kebabs really well, but Sufi in my opinion makes everything very delish. Another place that does really yummy Turkish food is Alaturka at 16 Bussorah Street Singapore 199437 . Very very memorable meals there 🙂

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