Canele at Raffle’s City

Here’s a cozy place to hang out over cakes and ice cream. First and foremost I adore the cakes here especially the Caraibe  a cube of decadent chocolate cake, enveloped by a thick chocolate shell and as you pierce through the outer layer, there’s heavenly honest to goodness the yummiest ganache I’ve tasted inside. Other then the selection of cakes, there’s a selection of handmade chocolates which are to die for and of course their Macarons. Their frangrant rose and sinful chocolate macarons win hands down when compared to Gobi’s miniature selections. Although, Bakerzin’s macaron selection is as delectable and might I dare say surpass Canele’s. Anyways back to what else was there to order during one of our usual tête à tête sessions. We decided to try the Oreo Cheesecake and the pink piece de la resistance: L’amour which was a rose petal ice cream with lychee pieces and dressed with raspberry coulis and rose meringue sticks. Divine!!!

Tea at Canele

Tea at Canele

Canele is located at:

#B1-81/82 Raffles City Shopping Center


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