Zac Cafe

Tonight after picking me up from Arabic class, my parents and uncle took my brother,my cousin Roem and I to dinner to celebrate Roem’s 16th birthday. Dad decided on Zac Cafe, which we had wanted to check out for a very long time. The atmosphere inside the cafe was cozy, a we plonked ourselves by a long table, my apologies for the seriously not clear pictures for I had left my mju in the car. We had as a starter, hummus which came with a dish of warm bread.  Oh my gosh, this hummous was so delish! Very different from other hummus in other restaurants located within the Arab St vicinity. Dad and Uda chose the Mixed Grill Platters which had a stick of beef kebab, a stick of lamb kebab, a stick of chicken kebab and 2 grilled sausages on a bed of fluffy saffron rice dotted with sultanas and of course salad. They were really happy with their order, it reminded them of the food they had at Open Sesame, the beef was so tender that they couldn’t stop gushing about the Mixed Grill Platter.  Ariff and Roem ordered the Beef Tenderloin, which was juicy and succulent, they were happy boys 🙂 Mummy got the Chicken Doner with wedges, I bit into the Doner and it was so good, it tastes as though there’s a special sauce being added to it, the chicken was cooked just right and it was simply delicious.  I ordered the Lamb Riyah, one word “WOW”, the lamb chops were cooked to perfection. I took my time, savouring each bite. The rice that was served with it was just the right partner for the lamb chops. We were given two complimentary servings of warm vegetable quiche, which I must say was wonderful and should be part of the menu. To wash it all down, we had mint tea, the perfect way to end the evening. The service was great and Madam Hanim was very friendly. I’ll be sure to be back there again to try out the rest of the menu. Certainly a fantastic place to have dinner with friends and family. They really know their meats! If you find the name of the cafe vaguely familiar, it’s because they’re the same people who brings to us the HALAL cold cuts, sausages, meat, poultry etc under the name ZAC Meat & Poultry, or basically the stuff that ends up on my brekky table 🙂

Zac Cafe is located at:

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149


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