Glory Catering Pte Ltd

I’ve been craving for kueh chang for the past few weeks and so my dad drove us to Glory’s. Glory’s kueh changs are not as oily as other places I’ve tried and they’re halal. At their store, they also sell cooked food that looked so sedap! You could take away or eat in there. There were so many colorful cakes and nyonya titbits that are for sale there. We bought some kuih lapis, kuih koci and too many other kuihs to mention. Its really near to OBOLO which was still closed when we went there at 12. Anyways, really good eats there, perhaps next time can try out their Mee Siam 🙂 Oh and their mini deep fried springrolls are so addictive. Their fresh popiah was so fat and so full of stuff inside, quite spicy but so shiok!

assorted kueh chang

assorted kueh chang

Glory Catering Pte Ltd is located at:

139 East Coast Road Singapore 428829


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