Bibim Bap At Zingdo Korean Restaurant


beef bulgogi bibimbap

beef bulgogi bibimbap

After watching so many countless Korean drama serials on DVD, believe you me I can start a DVD library collection of Korean soaps, anyways always wanted to try the stuff that they eat, looks so appetising, especially Bibim Baps and Chajang mian, which I kinda figured its sorta like the black hokkien mee, just stickier..still in search of that. 😛 why are simple foods hard to find???? Anyways, finally got to try the Beef Bulgogi Bibim Bap at Zingdo’s located at the Jurong Entertainment Centre. Imagine..from the east side of Singapore, we travelled to the west side just to check out some Halal Korean eats. I finally got to try my first bibim bap here and spicy rice cakes. I mixed everything in the bowl together, there’s kimchi and beef and an egg yolk in the middle, yummy, that combo will never go wrong, add a lil gochujang according to your own preferences. The spicy rice cakes were delicious! Didn’t get to take a picture coz everyone’s chopsticks attacked it when it was set on the table. Mashta! The atmosphere’s kinda loud with lots of teenagers milling around and the decorations are bright orange! I guess the people who work there have a really bright and happy working environment. My gripe would be that the chairs were not too comfortable but the food was yum-o!

Zingdo Korean Restaurant is located at:

2 Jurong East Central 1
#01-15 Jurong Entertainment Centre


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