Missy Donuts

 I was at Plaza Singapura craving for soup from Say Bons, I recommend the lobster bisque, yummy, like a creamy laksa soup. Whilst waiting for my soup to be packed, I noticed the donuts in the store next to it. The bright colours drew me to it actually. Missy Donuts had really light and soft donuts. MD doesn’t skimp on the fillings. I ❤ the cheese hearts and the apple donuts, doesn’t make you feel “jelak” even after a few donuts.

Finally tried this brand of donuts, the recipe is apparently from Japan, and boy the dough is soooooo soft, its unlike any doughnuts. If its just a plain doughnut, I guess it would be just as yummy. It’s dough kinda tastes like a soft sweet bun, sounds plain, but believe you me its delicious. My mom bought a dozen doughnuts from Missy Donuts, the multitude of flavours and colors and cheery looking doughnuts were hard to choose from, so she picked my usual favourite dougnuts: chocolate power which tastes like the double chocolate from donut factory but MUCH yummier, blueberry chocolate which was not too sweet with its white chocolate icing, apple cinnamon which I think is on par with Donut Factory’s and its Cheesy Heart, which was the piece de la resistance! Definitely a must buy and must eat for all donut lovers.

Missy Donuts can be found at:

68 Orchard Road
#B2-33 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839


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