CHIJMES (pronounced as chimes)was once a gothic convent,formerly the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, and an orphanage.
In daylight, it appears to be a beautiful convent with gorgeous stained glass windows in the chapel Now, it has been preserved as a national heritage site and transformed into a pretty cool place to chill and hang out at night. It is situated right in the middle of city, a few minutes walk away from Raffles City and City Hall MRT station. CHIJMES is a pretty cool place to dine al fresco, and enjoy the cool, evening Singapore nights. Sitting on the street level of CHIJMES, surrounded by the gothic architecture is a pretty rare ambience to experience in singapore. In the sunken courtyard, a myriad of bars, restaurants and clubs comes a buzz with activity especially after dark. If you’re there in the daytime, there are quite a number of retail shops that offer a wide range of ethnic and cultural products, but if shopping there doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could just cross the road to Raffles City.

After dinner at Menotti’s at Raffles City, a really, really nice italian trattoria to have dinner and delicious gelato, Joyce, Gil and me decided to have after-dinner drinks at La Cave at Chijmes. Prices were reasonable, staff were friendly and ambience was exceptional.

Joyce & Gil

Joyce, Gil & Me


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