Brand new year, brand new beginnings

We say farewell to to 2014, a year full of challenges and hardships.
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”-Nietzsche
I hope that I’m able to face  whatever life throws my way this year better than how I did last year. I basically wrapped myself into a bubble of some sort. Only focusing on the business and my family, I was in my own cocoon. The business wasn’t going too great with the increase in competitors vying for the same tiny piece of pie. It got to a point that I didn’t go anywhere but work and home. I didn’t meet any friends unless they sought me out. (I counted just three) And I didn’t eat out much either, hence not many blog posts about new restaurants or cafés. I was not the usual me. It was difficult for me to smile or laugh. What was easy, was bursting into tears when I’m alone at night. I was turning into a nougat-eating zombie.

I begin this brand spanking new year with a mission. To actively call/message at least a friend a day. I managed to have proper, long, meaningful conversations with old friends in Melbourne, Toronto, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur and Brisbane. I meet people everyday, but nothing beats talking to people who really know you. I hope I can keep up with this mission and be more of myself this year than last year.

Eating all that nougat and candies last year was not a great idea, but it supressed my cravings of wanting something sweet or heading out to cafès to buy pastries or cakes. I guess I have to add more fruits and vegetables to my afternoon snacking list. Currently, am obsessed with persimmons, yellow bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Yums!

I need to go out and skate more often. The weather has been rather dreary of late, I hope the coming weekend will be sunnier! I have missed going to the beach to skate! Sweat drenching my shorts and baggy tee, a total mess but I know I’ll be tired and happy. Weekends for skating and weekdays at the gym. If I’m exhausted, I’m sure I’ll be too tired to even think.

Today, I blasted music out loud at work.  Whilst packing all my dvds to bring back home, I sang out loud to Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz and Santana, and I actually felt good. A sort of stress release, I guess? I hadn’t done that in years! Spotify’s going to keep me company this year!

I hope I can keep up with all that I’ve set out for myself this year by eating healthier, living better and be more like myself. It’s an urgent challenge I issued to myself. And the only person that blocks my way to a better me, is me.

Rainy days brings forth cupcakes!

It has been a really hazy past few weeks in Singapore. Every night we’d walk up towards Fort Canning Hill where dad has been parking his car. The haze especially at night  is so bad that whenever I take in a deep breath, it feels like I’m being choked. My asthma and chest pains have gotten worse.

Alhamdullilah,  it rained this morning and afternoon. The air smells “cleaner” and fresher, I could breath in better.

And with the afternoon rains, my uncle suprised us at work with a box of Fluff Bakery cupcakes. The interesting thing about this bakery is that it usually has a long queue and usually sells out seriously really fast. Check out their instagram account @fluffbakery, before heading over there. It updates you to what they currently have available to avoid disappointment.

My uncle had been trying to try out their cupcakes for the longest time. Since it was raining, and there was no queue, he bought a dozen, six for us, and six for him. I think the flavours were Nutella Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Bandung, Baklava, Banana Split and Explosive Mango Basil.



I especially liked the Baklava cupcake, there was a pistachio filling inside, which wasn’t too sweet. The Explosive Mango Basil was as it’s name stuffed with a juicy mango filling that spills out when I bite into it. Delicious! Salted Caramel had a really thick salted caramel filling, my brother said it was too sweet for him. I just wished they sold the salted caramel as candy squares. I’m a bit partial to chewy caramels :) If you like the drink Bandung(a rose syrup and milk drink) you’d enjoy the Bandung cupcake. It had a pink rose flavoured filling.

So between mom, my brother and me we basically finished that box of cupcakes in minutes. I wonder when will I taste their cupcakes again? Perhaps another rainy afternoon?

Fluff Bakery is located at:
12 Jalan Pisang

Another year older

So I turned another year older today. Blessings and good wishes from mom, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins and far far away friends made this day very special to me. If only those who are far away were nearer though. This year, I hope that my health improves, lesser financial worries, spending more time effectively at the gym and lastly to finding happiness.

I’ve been participating in the #100happydays project, trying to find the little things that make me happy. Sometimes it’s just really hard to figure out what’s that one thing that made me happy. And somedays I would just have plenty to take pictures of. My birthday mark’s the 77th day I’ve been doing this project, and if you were to take a look at my instagram, it would seem that food and music make up a huge proportion of those pictures. What can I say, good food makes me really happy. (That’s why I need to spend more time at the gym!) And music, well music makes me feel good, makes me want to sing out loud and that reduces my stress, entertains my mommy and amuses my brother which equates to everyone being happy. :)

I really hope this will be a better year then the last, that life will be full of sunnier days in the future.

Napowrimo 2014 Post #30 Farewells

A whole month has passed and I must say doing this for the second time, it’s definitely a challenging and fun month. Midway I hit a slump, but I managed to catch up eventually. I guess with these kind of challenges, one just have to keep on reading and keep on writing. I wonder what NaPoWriMo 2015 will bring? I leave you with a poem of goodbyes.


Thirty days have passed
Like the blink of an eye
Poems in various forms:
Curtal sonnets, anaphora, lunes oh my!
I learn lots whenever April comes
But as Napowrimo ends today
Accept my adieus, auf Wiedersehens, zàijiàns
Farewells, goodbyes and مع السلامة
Perhaps next year we will meet إن شاء الله‎

Napowrimo 2014 Post #29 An islet on a raging river

Whoah it’s the 29th post already! The prompt was called the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” and was developed by Jim Simmerman. The list of projects are to be used in one poem can be found here.

An islet on a raging river

I am an islet on a raging river
10°N of the equator and it’s arctic cold
I see the goosebumps on my arms
As I stand alone and shiver
Fingers so stiff, nothing I can hold
Taste of bitter bile in my mouth
Tried to wash it away with water
Yet nothing seems to alter
The rapid currents so loud
Are the only sounds that I hear
Whilst the scent of fast moving freshwater
Stimulates my senses with a blue-coloured hue
Alone unlike Psyche on the River Estige
Who had an eagle for company
Hark, I hear the distant cry of a raven
Perhaps I am not that alone
Should the raven find a nearby tree
Across the raging river
To build itself a new home
Maybe I could call it HAN
RUA too?
If you fly over here
Maybe we could be friends
Perhaps this loneliness will end
It oht fi rain
The never-ending rain of despondence
Ascendancy of despair
Oh I must snap out of this self-pain
Break out of this cocoon of gloom
And dance in the pouring rain
Fairy-duh twirls and jumps in the air
May she one day live without a care
Of what other say or think
Oh solitary soul
Get out of this invisible prison!
Find your raison d’être!
“Go forth and live live unfettered!” cries the raven
Jump into the raging currents
And swim across the river.

it oht fi rain is Patois for it looks like rain
•HAN is internet slang for “alone” (Han Solo)
•RUA is internet slang for Are you alone?
•raison d’être is French for reason for being/living

Napowrimo 2014 Post #28 Spock in Singapore

I saw this article, Mr Spock in Singapore and thought a lune might be suitable. Zachary Quinto will be in Singapore for a week to film Agent 47! Pretty exciting news that young Mr Spock will be in this city state! Prompt 28 was to pick a news article and write a poem using words from the article. I’m using Jack Collum’s version of a lune with a 3 line stanza with 3 words, 5 words and ending with 3 words.

Spock in Singapore!

Spock in Singapore!
Agent 47 for a week,
Gracing our shores!

Napowrimo 2014 Post#27 Sampan di tepi muara

Okay so today’s poem is a little different than what I usually do. I tried to write this in English but it didn’t sound quite right to me, so I wrote it in Malay instead. I took this picture in 2013 in a little fishing village in Malacca, Malaysia. And this phrase, “Sampan di tepi muara” kept stuck in my head since last year.

The title means small rowing boats by the side of the estuary. Sampans are small row boats, fishermen in this village go out at dawn to go fishing till late afternoon. Oftentimes, their catch is never enough. So their wives would usually take the tiny fish their husband caught and make into dried salted fish to sell in the markets.


Tatkala subuh mendatang
Nelayan berpusu-pusu ke sampan mereka
Sampan ditambat di tepi muara
Setiap hari harus mendayung
Mencari ikan untuk menyara hidup
Seharian mencari rezeki di laut tidak akan cukup
Terikan mentari sungguh menyengat
Untuk menyara keluarga harus tetap semangat
Si Istri di rumah menjemur ikan dihalaman
Ikan kering di buat jualan
Menambahkan pendapatan harian
Anak-anak di sekolah mencari ilmu pengetahuan
Terus berusaha membaiki kehidupan
Untuk masa hadapan yang cerah
Walaupun kehidupan sekarang ini sangat susah.