NaPoWriMo 2015 Post #6 Adventures on the MRT


Walking in the hot sun for 25 minutes
To the MRT station daily at noon
Surely can be considered a cardio workout
And an unwanted daily tanning session
I’ve grown much darker too soon
Oh the joys of public transportation
Trapped like a can of sardines
For the next 14 minutes
I bury my nose into my book
Desperately trying not to smell
The ponytail swishing lady in front
Or the overpowering cologne of the man behind
Oh I wish there were empty seats
So that I can have some space to breathe
Fat chance of that happening
When at the next station
Even more passengers push through
Front, back and centre, a tight squeeze
Finally the train stops at City Hall
And I couldn’t be more pleased
When everyone in front of me disembarks
And I get off the train with ease!

NaPoWriMo 2015 Post #5 I don’t think people around me know

I don’t think people around me know
How hard it is for me to smile
Or have  happy thoughts
It usually takes me a little while

I don’t think people around me know
That I don’t laugh and play all day
When my mind’s concerned
Over all the bills that I have yet to pay

I don’t think people around me know
That I wish I could curl up into fetal position
And sleep in bed all day
Perhaps then this constant migraine might finally go away

NaPoWriMo 2015 Post #4 Dites-moi

Those words that you rarely utter
That phrase that  I longed to hear
Whether I still matter?

The reason my heart aches
  Believing in you was a mistake
  Was everything said fake?

  The truth that it’s over between us
  That you were not the kind to marry
   Why string me along like a passing fancy?

   Why is it so hard to speak the truth?
   Why must you run away from reality?
   Why can’t you just tell me?

NaPoWriMo 2015 Post #2 Andromeda

Today’s optional prompt for NaPoWriMo is to write about stars. The first time I was ever gobsmacked staring at the stars was when I went to the Grand Canyon. It was like the sky was decked with loads of diamonds, for lack of a better description.


I remember the nights that I couldn’t sleep
I’d lay awake on my bed in the darkness
Staring at the fluorescent stars on the ceiling
A map of tiny stars arranged in a pattern
Made a pretty picture with a mythological meaning
Beautiful Andromeda honored as a constellation
A lady that was once chained naked and waiting
On a rock by the sea as a sacrifice to Cetus
Protecting the kingdom thru a solitary offering
And saved in time by the Greek hero Perseus 
I wondered when I could see this set of stars
Perhaps I might have to travel very far
It’s far too bright to see anything clearly
Whilst living in this super bustling city.